First PPL Flight

One day of the week I’m not at home and when does the postie pick to attempt to deliver my license…. Just guess.

So off I went to the sorting office. 2 miles is nothing compared to the trot across the common to the airfield, even though I was fretting the whole way that it would just be my paperwork and some variation of “Sorry we still need X, Y and Z, before we issue your PPL”.

I got the envelope after convincing the lady on the desk that the postie had written down the date wrong and it really arrived the fifth of this month not last. I had it open before I reached the door and into my hand dropped a chunky, ugly brown wallet.

I stared at the cover.

Private Pilot License.

I opened it to stare some more at my name on the folded sheets inside.

Later, slowly so my hand wouldn’t shake with excitement and make it illegible, I signed it.
That night I jumped online to book some flying time in my newly acquired shared aeroplane. I couldn’t wait until the weekend so took an afternoon’s holiday from work.

Nervously I undid the tiedowns and removed the covers, all the while half expecting someone to come over and demand to know what I thought I was doing.

It’s been a while since I’ve flown at Swansea so I started with some circuits. Not the best I’ve ever done but not the worse either, and I was delighted all over again with the feeling of leaping off the ground with just me aboard!

After one or two, the wind had swung around and the runway changed. Given the option, and being more confident of my cross wind landings than my ability to reposition in the circuit without meeting the other aeroplane up there I landed and took off again on the other runway.

Satisfied that I hadn’t forgotten what to do in the last fortnight, I left the circuit for a brief bimble around Swansea where I couldn’t resist going and looking down at my workplace from above!

There was a NOTAM out about not overflying the Eisteddfo so I had a little look at it from afar before heading for the Loughor and a little circular tour of Gower before heading back.

A pretty uneventful hour in objective terms but it felt good!

I still haven’t managed to shake the sensation of having got away with something illicit though–it’s going to take a while to get used to not having someone double check this and sign that!


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