The Cloud Spotters Guide

There is an outfit known as the Cloud Appreciation Society. I have browsed their website before for the pretty photographs. I doubt there’s many people who fly for pleasure who don’t ohh and ah over pretty clouds, and stare at the impressive sight of towering CBs (albeit with heartfelt respect for the potential dangers they present), or gaze longing up at high cirrus streaking the sky on the days other things keep them from flying.

In short most pilots are more preoccupied with the clouds than the general public to start with, so it was probably from a flying related site I got the link. I hadn’t browsed there for a fair while but catching site of a book “The Cloudspotter’s Guide” recalled it to mind and I picked it up to browse.

More light hearted and yet more detailed than several met texts I’ve seen, it stepped through each of the cloud types, first detailing how they form, and how to recognise them, then wandering through a grab bag of mythology, art, history and popular culture discussing how clouds have been portrayed.

The presentation is excellent, nice matt paper dustjacket and a glossy colour section in the middle. Though I did find myself wishing that the budget had run to full colour throughout. Black and white cloud pics just aren’t the same.

My copy had a spread misprinted and missing but the pages were promptly downloaded from the website. (Though the publishers do offer to replace affected copies, I didn’t bother)

I bought it as coffee table reading but found myself reading huge swathes at a time instead. A good one to lay in for the onset of wet and windy autumn days when their will doubtless be more days suitable for spotting clouds than for flying up there with them!


One thought on “The Cloud Spotters Guide

  1. Allan

    Hi Leia.
    I have a VERY large poster on my office wall, of all the types of clouds, and their possible effects on flying. Nice informative layout as well.


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