New Year

Every single time I’ve tried to get flying since 2nd December has been weathered off and I’m starting to climb the walls.  I am also starting to feel the niggling of doubt about whether I still remember how to do all this!

I suspect some circuits will be in order once I get back up there!

In the meantime I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with the first full year as a PPL.  I really do not want to end up as one of the statistical majority who don’t make it to their first renewal.

To that end I’ve made myself a little list of things I want to do this year and set myself a few goals.

First of these is simply to fly more places, and further afield.  I plan to use the various freebie landing vouchers in the magazines as an excuse/incentive to venture further.  I’m also looking looking at choosing airfields within striking distance of places I already know, to build my confidence at navigating further from home. 

One of the weathered off trips was an excursion with the Cambrian flying club at Pembrey, to the Isles of Scily so I want to go along with that when it’s rescheduled. 

I’ve already promised my sister that (weather permitting) we’ll fly into the Badminton horse trials this year, and she wants to repeat last summer’s camping trip in the club Cessna – this time to the Lake District, so that’s several more excuses to go new places.

I want to vist a good variety of places – I’m almost abashed to admit I’ve not yet been anywhere in controlled airspace, nor landed on the grass.

I want to make a trip or two over the water – Ireland most likely – Kilkenny is another Pembrey favourite.

On a less practical note I fancy trying my hand at aerobatics, gliding, and flying something ‘classic’.

Following discussion on a UKGA thread, I feel inclined to be bold and give a navigation competition or two a go — could be embarassing but certainly would be practice and add a bit of purpose.

And I want the weather to buck up so I can actually get started on all these great plans!


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