Back online (though not airborne)

Sorry to anyone who got the “Account suspended” message while trying to read over the past day or two.  For the record I haven’t branched out into peddling porn or marketing viagra — the site got caught up by mistake in a general cleanout of the WordPress server.

One rather distraught email to tech support had it back remarkably quickly.  Cheers to those who emailed and PMed me to point out the site was down.

Meanwhile I am sulking because I have splurged too much over the last month and am now firmly grounded until payday.  Right when the weather turns nice. 

I find it hard to strike a balance between “must grab the chance while it’s flyable” and “why spend money in miserable weather” at the moment, with the result that in spite of a gloomy March I found myself at the top of the spenders when the bills rolled in.


Roll on the 20th…

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