How To Learn to Fly…

Welll, sort of anyway. 

In a week’s time it’ll be a year since I passed my GFT to get my PPL and I’ve been thinking about the learning process that led to that a lot lately.

While training I found that discussing it on various forums and keeping the diary helped me think and put into words a bit better some of the things that helped and hindered, and thought it may be useful to write some of them down in a slightly more structured form. The “HowTo” of learning to fly is therefore now available as a PDF. It’s not a “How To Fly An Aeroplane”, because I’m not a flying instructor. It is a “How To Learn To Fly An Aeroplane.”

In fact from about halfway through it could be “How To Learn Almost Anything!” Part of my day job is teaching adults, so some of that has spilled over here, especially the parts about coping with the theory materials and written exams.

Feedback is welcome, hopefully it’ll be of some use or interest to other learners out there.

Learning to Fly: How To (PDF)

2 thoughts on “How To Learn to Fly…

  1. Mark

    Dear Leia,

    I’ve read your pdf file with great joy and interest. Good to see someone describing the feeling instead of describing the techniques of flying. Well done! I’m going to apply for an integrated ATP course this summer, big step for me! hope i can make it trough the selection round but we’ll see. If not i’m going to the us for 4 weeks to get my PPL it’s a lot cheaper then in the Netherlands and i can combine it better with my work. I still remember going solo the first time on a glider, it’s daunting but on the other hand very exciting and you’re focus is 110% because there’s no-one next to you. Keep up the good work and flights! Bye

  2. Richard Thomas

    I must say I read your “Learning to Fly: How To” article, well done Leia!

    I would like to re-iterate one thing to those thinking about or are learning to fly. That is ATC. The people on the other side of the radio are lovely real people not there to bite your head off if you don’t keep with correct phraseology as a student. They expect it from time to time. Anyway they are lovely people although I am engaged to an ATCO so I might have a pair of rose-tinted specs on! 😉

    After a year and a half I flew charlie zulu for the first time today, I can’t believe how much I have really missed flying after a period of not caring much about spending another hour in the air. Anyway half an hour out of the zone and another half an hour in the circuit and I’m back in the group, just like riding a bike, hadn’t forgotten much, if anything at all.

    Fancy a trip in charlie zulu sometime after its annual in August?


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