An odd urge

Currently on the shelf beside the computer sit:

  • A DVD: “A Plane is Born”
  • A book: “You want to Build and Fly A What!” – Dick Starks
  • A five inch long, paper Cub (not a typo — one of these) complete with my mucky gluey fingerprint on the tail.

I read the build writeups far more carefully than I have before in the PFA magazine this month and I find I now have an RSS feed to a homebuilders blog on his project.

I can not account for this sudden interest in kit built aircraft, except for the fact I thought the Escapade at SPLASH was so very pretty and looked almost achievable.

I’m not going to rush out and try to build one tomorrow but I don’t trust this little inexplicable itch of interest to fade away.

I recognise it, that’s the trouble — it feels like the same little niggle of interest that made me look up when the little aeroplanes flew overhead and pause to watch the ATRs into Swansea dring its brief spell as a commercial airport.

The sort that wavers between “I think I’d like that, maybe I could” and “don’t be ridiculous you’ll never afford / be able to.”

Looking back, that particular itch of interest took a good four years to where I am now with a PPL and share-oplane of my own.



One thought on “An odd urge

  1. David

    I have A & B as well as a composite wheel chock from a Europa builders workshop. I still have the itch to build but I’ve decided to put it on the back burner for now. I’ve decided to take the advice of many builders I’ve met and that’s to get involved in ownership first.

    I still spend an inordinate amount of time on builders site (mostly Vans builders it must be said). I’d like to build but I’d be building to fly so I think I’ll wait till I have more flying under my belt.



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