Online Wizardy

After an undue amount of time for a techy, I’ve got around to getting broadband installed in the house and have been busily exploring all the online gubbins and fun.

I spent the first few days doing not much more than than looking at all the aviation content on YouTube!

One of those, was in fact recently added by fellow TOMS group member, who put together a video of our Ireland trip back in August.

I was tickled by the striking chord on that landing — we all bounced it in on Inishmore, it was probably kindest to leave it at that point!  Go and have a look, Malcolm does this “video stuff” for a living, and it’s nicely put together.

I’ve also discovered the latest “buzzword” in the form of podcasts.   In particular, Airspeed, which I’ve been flicking through a lot this weekend.  US-centred but some inspirational stuff for those unflyable days.

Google Maps and Maps.Live, I was already a convert too but I’m starting to play more with the tools as well as just the imagery.  I actually prefer the tools in Google, but Live has better aerial photos for West Wales so I’ve been chopping and changing.

A thread on Flyer about hotels with airstrips prompted me to start compiling a map plotting them because I didn’t know where was being talked about half the time!  I thought it’s be nice to browse over the winter — for next year’s summer holiday!  That’s at Holidaying by (Little) Aeroplane, and I’m open to suggestions of places I’ve missed.

I also want to do something similar to Rich Maxted’s excellent “Ten Trips” idea, and would like to use one of these web maps for that.

Should keep me entertained on rainy days for some time to come!

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