Interesting runways and strange aeroplanes

Been sent a pile of interesting videos lately so I thought I’d compile them into one post.

The first is a creation of one of the TOMS pilots, on an amble to sunny (that time anyway) Caernarvon.

The next, a pile of collected links from a flying school in America.  Some well known that I’ve seen before.  Others (like that loopy little microlight twin!) less so but great fun.

The last comes from an outfit called ProTraveller who emailed me to suggest I add it.  I hesitated mainly because the title “Top 10 Most Dangerous Aircraft Landings in the World!” wound me up a little. 

“World’s Something-est Somethings” always puts me in mind of cheap TV, and I bristle somewhat at the idea that a particular flying activity is “dangerous” — some things demand even more care than usual for certain, but inherently dangerous?  It’s an emotive word and I dislike the negative spin. 

Nevertheless I’m posting it, because the airfields shown are interesting in their own right.  Perhaps I can encourage them to retitle it “Top Ten Airfields Where You Really Really Do Not Want To Screw Up” 

2 thoughts on “Interesting runways and strange aeroplanes

  1. Nigel

    Leia, the “loopy little microlight twin” isn’t a microlight. Its a Cri Cri (google will tell you all you need to know). There are a couple on the UK register, and one of them used to be based at Popham (may still be). There used to be an airshow act launching one off the top of a Mitsubishi Shogun.


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