Two blatant plugs

But two (I think) great ideas…

First is me doing a little bit of whooping because I won the latest airchart from the FlyOnTrack competition.  That’s a good £15 I don’t have to spend on buying one.  Now the real question becomes; do I go bacon butty hunting with the spare cash, or go buy a chart for a different area and give myself an excuse to explore…?

FlyOnTrack bears a mention in any case because it’s a wonderful resource, set up by GASCo (The General Aviation Safety Council) with the laudable aim of reducing airspace infringements.  Some of the resources include radar replays of infringements, links to useful resources such as photo guides to the more complicated areas of airspace, and news about  new initiatives (and some existing ones I didn’t know about such as the CAA chart updates RSS feed)

Since confessing my sins there after busting Solent over Christmas, I’ve checked the site rather more often…

Second plug is an idea which came about during a discussion on the Flyer forum suggesting that a Wiki for student pilots would be a useful idea.  Being extremely quick off the mark Keybuk set one up and it’s now being populated with content.  It’s at: so read, enjoy and contribute!

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