Birthday Bimble (someone else’s)

Another “I wasn’t going to fly but…”

In short my sister had asked if I’d give someone a birthday jolly. Always happy to have an excuse I agreed. It had been a fair while since I’d had a non-pilot passenger, and I suspect I wurbled somewhat in my attempts to be reassuring.

The wind was distinctly stronger today and as Sod’s law would have it, was favouring the grotty runway 10, not one I like to use with passengers because the intersection is dog rough and generally results in being launched before you’re at flying speed when taking off and relaunched before you’re quite at ‘sticking’ speed when landing…

Never mind, I gave said passenger fair warning and off we went. I was just a short one around Gower, and a bit hazy. Pleasant though, and we both came away with smiles so it counts as a success!

I found myself feeling oddly proprietorial of the scenery as I pointed out Worm’s Head and Hardings Down, and all over again remembered how lucky I am to be abe to look at all that from such a great angle, very nearly whenever I want to.

Once we were trimmed and stable I let “birthday boy” Mike have a fly, and he made a fairly good job of it, with the only gotcha being a tendency to climb — which plenty of pilots of other aircraft seem to first time in the tommyhawk anyway – it sits with the nose relatively low on the horizon in cruise

The Nephew was along as well and after we landed, he “helped” me get fuel, taxy back to parking and tie down.

Can’t complain of spending a Sunday afternoon this way by any means… 😉

Mike took some nice photos, in spite of the slightly murky vis.


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