2008’s flying…

Well since the return of TOMS we’ve had a leaky fuel tap, and new starting eccentricities and the clear cold blue sky days we’ve all been hoping for seem to have vanished into low cloud and fog whenever I stick my name on the booking sheet…

Nevertheless, how can I whinge when this was my flying year…

2008 Flying Snapshots

2008 Flying Snapshots

I flew a Liberator tail gunner to Project Propeller and taught the kids of the Burned Children’s Club Flying Day to make chainmail. I camped beside the wings in Devon, and sat in the P1 seat of Concorde at Manchester. I flew my sister to the Badminton Horse Trials and my stepdad from his local golf course. I helped reassemble and run up the engine of the Spirit of Brooklands Build-a-plane and sent many hours in the company of inspired and inspiring people. I watched the kids beat me at my own game on the stand at SPLASH, and was informed by my 4 year old nephew that he can fly my aeroplane once his feet reach the rudder. There were aerobatics in a Bulldog and low and fast stuff in a Yak. There were friends creeping up on the wing in the air and endless coffee and laughter on the ground.

There’s an outside chance I might still get airborne again this year. But if I don’t…

What do I want from 2009?

A year a bit like this one would be nice.


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