Final Flight of 2008

Family Christmases are always rowdy, chaotic and great fun at my Mum’s but by the time boxing day is done I generally need some space!

A dose of flying fits the bill nicely and a nice fat high had been building all week, with blue skies and great vis. Sadly, by the time I made it on the 29th it had all turned a bit stagnant. The morning mist had only lifted enough to create a gloomy layer to stratus at around 1500 to 2000 feet and the horizon was a mucky grey.

Since it was still early in the day I dawdled to the flying dub to catch up with any of the gossip going while I waited to see it it cleared.

There were plenty of “Christmas Voucher” flights up and about so the weather was good enough for “I can see my house from here” although I’d already given up on my vague notion of trying for Caernarfon.

Eventually I decided it was as good as it was likely to get and headed out for at least a local bimble. the aeroplane was less than keen to start in the cold and took several attempts. this did not pass unnoticed by air-ground who passed a ”helpful” query about whether I’d checked the fuel drain!

The wind had picked up and once out on the runway in the chilly air, TOMS sprang enthusiastically into the air almost fast enough to miss the lump in 10…

I stayed lowish at 1200′  and flew fairly aimlessly along south Gower and across the Loughor to observe progress on the horseracing track at Ffos Las, which now actually has turf — an improvement over last time I looked.

Pembrey’s in the throes of a runway extension in the hope of attracting the fly-in Irish visitors once it opens, and indeed its very close indeed.

I ambled onwards and orbited the large, and pretty castle on the top of the hill at Llansteffan, and wandered a little way up the Towy, which it overlooks, before the murk thickened.

Heading home, along the beach, I took advantage of the quiet day to make a quick and easy right-base rejoin to land back.

Sooo… On in to 2009 and since the cold clear weather is back, maybe we’ll have a nice dry crisp winter for flying.

I fancy Scotland as a trip this Easter, or Summer, and my cousin (“First Passenger” Lauren) has already buttonholed the empty seat for that one.

Still haven’t made it across to France, or the Channel Islands, so that’s to come to.  Project Prop and the BCC Flying Day again are both already on the calendar and I really must hie myself to some of the Young Aviator events too.

All in all, lots to look forward to!


2 thoughts on “Final Flight of 2008

  1. Richard Thomas

    Give me a shout when you make your trip to Scotland at Easter or in the Summer. Its lovely up this way, spectacular scenery and nice airfields to visit.

  2. Leia

    I will. Looking likely to be midsummer time and run up the west coast taking in Glenforsa, Oban, Barra. You can bring your shiny new shareoplane across!


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