Summing up (and visit to the doc)

Well according to the local AME I’m officially unlikely to drop dead in mid-air until at least 2014. 

Which is good.  Less good is that my eyes have “gone off” somewhat and the spare pair of specs now need to come along in the aeroplane with me.   (Before I’d managed to squeak in with a “score” of just above the bare minimum”)

I didn’t fly today, but took the opportunity to check the tiedowns after last night’s high winds.

Arriving home and with a lazy evening ahead I starting browsing the stats for this blog over the past year.  Some interesting and odd reading — particularly the search terms!

Blog Search Terms

Click for larger image
Created in Wordle

Not entirely sure why the Haverfordwest Spitfire restoration scores so highly up there, perhaps there just aren’t many sites around highlighting that.   

Balloon popping is obviously popular — or people are utterly bemused by the notion and driven to Google it!

A fair amount of traffic appears to be people specifically looking for this blog by name, which is interesting.

And TOMSsy gets up there too!

Top five hits, in order…

  1. Getting this far (The “About Me” equivalent)
  2. Stretching my wings (First trip to Kemble post-PPL)

Utterly fascinated to note that if I was asked to pick three or four favourite flights, those ones would indeed be high in the running!

Since the exercise was so interesting (to me anyway) I’ve added the “Daily Top Posts” widget to the sidebar, find it under “Browse most popular posts”, should you be inclined to share in my navel-gazing 😉

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