Burble and Whoop!

…I was not very coherent, through a massive grin as I finally finally took TOMS back into the air after the long-awaited, and much agonised over new engine.

Never mind the three-hour road trip to get there (although it was enlivened y Andy’s sporty-wheels and a parade of Christmas Bikers), never mind that I was 2nd then 3rd then 4th in a queue of 5 then 6 then 7 departing aircraft, never mind that there’s still bills to pay, and the fuel consumption is going to be murder during the running in period.BG

Right now, I was flying again and it was perfect.  Climbing like a skyrocket and everything right down to the newly oiled and no-longer-wrist-knackering fuel selector knob, was delightful.

I’ve run out of things to say about the run from Sleap to Swansea and vice versa…  The valleys and hills were still gorgeous, topped today by silky lenticular clouds, and decorated by long winter shadows that picked out every ground feature.

Had a strange moment thinking that London Info had developed ESP, when I changed to the frequency in time to hear the tail end of a message addressed to Tango Oscar Mike Sierra.  That turned out to be an M-TOMS from the Isle of Man and caused me a bit more thought than usually required when listening out!

Back at Swansea, our own G-TOMS rewarded my adoration and enthusiasm with a sweetly flattering landing.  (Though not before a certain amount of floundering trying to slow down from my full-speed-ahead, 75% power dash, which did feel ever so slightly headlong!)

I was most content indeed as I sorted out the tiedowns and ambled in.  We’re such lucky sods to be able to do this!

One thought on “Burble and Whoop!

  1. gryzman

    it is a shame, the g-toms group is in wales.
    It seems like there’s nearly no activity of that sort here in northern ireland


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