Idle Weekend

Dawdly sort of Sunday, ambled down to Haverfordwest for coffee with mum and nephew.

Sunny and calm, it required a certain amount of effort to maintain a proper lookout and not just daydream as TOMS flew along in the lovely still air.

We’re still charging about at close to full blat as we continue running in the new engine, and every time I take off I spend the first few minutes after levelling off trying to get my brain tuned in and stop feeling like I’m on a horse who’s slightly getting away from me!

Strange to realise how used I must have got to the particular engine note at normal cruise and the particular feel of the controls at normal speed.

In any case I was quickly tempted away from a straight line to Haverfordwest and headed around the coast, past Caldy to bank and swing around to gaze down the sea caves in the cliffs below.

I’ve been through those on an inflatable boat trips before.  This is better!

Turned away and headed for the Haven, dodging the refineries and heading towards Haverfordwest, which was it’s usual informal weekend self.

The Nephew (now six, as he takes any opportunity to remind people) was swinging on the fence and yelling as I taxied in, shut down and climbed out on the wing.

Coffee and chat, and his compulsory sit in the aeroplane and bevy of questions.

This time he wrung a promise for me that he was big enough to be trusted not to “beep buttons” and that I’d take him up next time.

So, next sunny day it is!

I only hope he lives up to his promise and resists the urge to mash PTT and do his wonderfully convincing “dakadakadaka.” routine…!

4 thoughts on “Idle Weekend

  1. Andy Hawkins

    Another nice write up as usual Leia. I’m in a bit of a crisis of enthusiasm myself, caused primarily by a lack of currency due to the poor weather over Christmas and New Year, followed by a relatively uninspiring currency check and half hour in the circuit desperately trying to keep myself current.

    So many ‘possibly’ flyable days recently where I’ve cried off rather than head to the field, go through the rigmarole of dragging the aircraft out of it’s new home in an RAF hangar (two huge doors that need to be wound open by hand!) only to find that the weather didn’t improve as promised and I have to put the aircraft to bed again. Yesterday promised an improvement in the weather in the afternoon, but at lunchtime there was no sign of it so I gave up for the day. Then around 3 ish I was sitting in the house looking at the flyable sky and kicking myself again!

    Fingers crossed for an improvement in both the weather and my enthusiasm for next weekend!


    1. leiafee Post author

      It’s that sort of time of year isn’t it! It’s been a fair while since I’ve been somewhere new and that makes me fidgety.

  2. Andy Hawkins

    Yeah, I know what you mean. New blog entry in progress detailing the comedy of ‘errors’ from my fight on Saturday. Still, at least I got to fly which is something!


  3. Pointon

    Getting an instrument rating can help with this lament. Then you join the group of airport oddballs who actually pine for the cloudy days.


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