As those who read my whitterings on various ‘fora’ will already know, another member of the group came to grief in TOMS on Friday afternoon, in the Pen-y-Fan area.  Pilot is okay bar bumps and bruises, state of the aircraft remains to be seen.

Thanks to all those who’ve sent sympathy and to the remarkable number who’ve offered empty seats should the craving hit while aeroplaneless!


2 thoughts on “Accident

  1. richard maxted

    Oh Leia ! Saw the pic of TOMS. How awful for you, I know its only a plane but it is your aeroplane and I know how I’d feel if it was HV. Lots of thoughts for you. So glad the pilot is OK but it must be a terrible thing to happen so my thoughts with them as well. Richard M

  2. AndyR

    I know it is unlikely, but if you find yourself Sussex way, do let me know and we shall go flying. Thoughts are with you.


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