Would-be “Son of TOMS” group seeks…

As a  cold keeps me from further IMC training this weekend, I’ve spent the time preparing our recruiting drum…

State of play at present is we stand as a group of 5 looking for an aircraft.  We’d like a few more members to broaden our price range but also want to be back up and flying as quickly as reasonably possible…

We’re a friendly bunch with a good mix of weekend and weekday flyers, and a very useful instructor member in the group!  Experience less important than compatibility with the group.  (We’ve had at least 3 student members in our time, including me!)

On the whole we’re the classic “£100 bacon butty” crowd, with occasionally sallies to Ireland, France or the Channel Islands, and often share flights.  Relaxed attitude to advanced booking and members taking the aircraft away for a few days on a “don’t take the mickey” basis!

We’ll be looking for something relatively low cost initial outlay and able to live outdoors (hangarage at Swansea being what it is!)l, but other than that aren’t wedded to any one type yet, though we do have a few candidates for our ‘shortlist’.

Asking price for the share reflects the amount the existing members have kept in the kitty after poor TOMS’ demise.  Proposed running costs reflected what we were operating with TOMS.

Drop me a line if interested (or of course if you’ve seen any stunning aircraft bargains about!;))

2 thoughts on “Would-be “Son of TOMS” group seeks…

  1. paul ruderham


    I am currently doing my PPL in Jersey where I live. I am Going to start my cross country training soon so hopefully I will be qualified by the summer. I am looking forward to the many trips to France and the UK which I intend to do. If you ever get to jersey again come to the Aero Club and say hi

    Love your diary entries about your training, very useful.
    Best Regards

    Paul Ruderham

  2. Leia Post author

    Brilliant — where do you go on your cross countries (cross waters!) from there? I’ve always wondered!

    It’s definitely on my list of places to get to. Maybe it would be a good ‘running in trip’ for our new machine when we get it!


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