In the haze (in more ways than one)



Going to need some practise this bit!

The thick haze that’s been hanging around all week and was so particularly thick and deep on Sunday that it made a thorough substitute for the foggles, in spite of the blue sky overhead, felt as though it had worked its way into my brain as I wandered about making fairly vague attempts to intercept and track assorted NDB tracks.

I understood it in the brief, and thought I had taken in the relevant bits in the book, but add flying into it, and brain overload completed defeated my ability to conjure up any sort of accurate mental picture of what was going on.

Occasionally flashes of it made sense and I thought I was getting it, only to be baffled and blindly following instructions again a few minutes later.

It doesn’t much help that Cardiff is about the only place local that either a) turns their NDB on in the first place, and b) has one that works decently, and they were teeming with other traffic today.

Even my landing, on the grotty 10, was a bit below par after all that.

I need to spend some serious time with “Tim’s Navigation Simulator” I think, to which end I’ve spent the evening with the Thom manual, transferring the diagrams and description therein onto the sim and playing them out.

The haze is lifting slowly…

We’re going to phone Cardiff in advance next time to ask for some training time going round the hold — lots of NDB work.

On the plus side I’m steadily getting more to grips with the actual flying, though with all the furious concentration on trying to get the picture this time I left the radio work to Dave again.

The day’s “hum of nervy concentration” was Moliannwn — my subconsious is obviously of the opinion that spring has indeed sprung in spite of the haze…

Also on a major plus, the group have found and bought a successor to TOMS, in the shape of  G-AWBG, an elderly but low-houred and nicely kitted out PA28 so at least I can get out and about again under my own steam!



5 thoughts on “In the haze (in more ways than one)

  1. DavidC

    NDB holds already! You must be soaking this IMC stuff up quickly.

    I wondered if you had considered using RANT, the PC simulator for IMC/IR that everyone seems to recommend? It’s not free (£80) but the argument is that if it might save an hour of dual training time, you’re quids in. (I am not affiliated with Oddsoft by the way).

    I also wondered how much theory stuff you did in advance of the practical course (ie reading the Thom book etc) and when you plan to sit the theory exam.

    Great to read how you are getting on with the IMC stuff and good to hear you’ve got a trusty steed in place for the summer flying season. I guess BG will have a longer range on full tanks than G-TOMS did. If it runs on MOGAS as someone else suggested, then with your IMC you’ll be able to do a fair bit more.

    1. Leia Post author

      I’ll use RANT when they do a Linux version! The Windows machine is too old, flaky and unstable to be worth installing software on.

      I’ve been using the Thom manual, and will probably plump for Airquiz for the exam revision — it worked well for my PPL.

      Will be a while getting there — the radio nav was one of the things I found hardest in the PPL anyway!

  2. James Henry

    No disrespect Leia – but while I love hearing your flying ramblings – you can’t write very well!

    Just tough to read, that’s all. Content is great, but written like a kid!

    Anyway, happy flying.

  3. James Henry

    Also, to add – you use copywrited images.

    Best remove them as I’m going to notify the website’s you’re stealing from.

    1. Leia Post author

      Thank you for your concern, but I’ve the email from the photographer of this pic giving me permission to reuse it here. Airliners net does a lovely job of providing photographer contacts and I’ve found them all very friendly and accommodating when I’ve asked to reuse pics.

      Incidentally, the word is “copyright” and “websites” plural doesn’t take an apostrophe. (I’m tempted to add that a properly educated ‘kid’ could point out as much, but that would be rude wouldn’t it?)


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