Been a while!

Well I haven’t fallen off the planet – just recovering from an age waiting for someone to be available to take the aircraft for a new alternator (having run through all my own annual leave already, and being a rather small group at present, it was surprisingly challeging — anyway one Swansea want one of our shares???).

We rolled the 50 hour check in at the same time so should be good to fly for a while now.  Hopefully we’ll have one of those lovely clear Septmebers – although I’m looking out of the windows at rain right now.

Anyway, between one expense and another I was skint again, so only a quick local was on the cards before I forgot how to do it.

Refreshed me though, as it always does.  Just meandering about the sky.  Circling the occasional isolated cumulus and watching the pattern of shadow and sunlight away down there below me.

I’m feeling comfortable with BeeGee know.  The three-handed performance to start up flows a bit more and the full-stretch rudder input to minimise the turning circle without overshooting entirely is a little less awkward.  In the air I don’t spend the immediate seconds after applying full flap dangling from the tail as the aeroplane suddenly realises I want to descend and dashes off with me wailing wait for me!’ and the runway doesn’t half disappear behind me before she catches on I’m trying to land and it might be an idea to settle down now…

Now just need to sort the cashflow for some more trips before winter well and truly arrives!


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