Been even longer…

…not quite as long as the dates on the posts would suggest, but really no one wants to read the tale of woe of how that alternator failure was followed by a saggy nose leg loeo which was ‘fixed’ twice and then explained by corrosion in a component of the landing leg which turns out to be the only part that’s tricky to get hold of for that common-as-anything Cherokee, and costs four figures, or how the bill for same arrived within weeks of both the annual and the insurance falling due.

Suffice to say we cut our losses and sold the aircraft.  Back to the dealer we had it off in fact, who true to his word when we bought it, did go ahead and buy it back again.

So now I’m ‘between aeroplanes’… and trying to work out what to do with my flying while I save up for another share, and while I make sure I enjoy my flying enough to forget the aggro that comes with ownership!

Between the new engine in TOMS shortly before the accident, the unexpected costs on both that and ‘BG my share of the final sale was rather less than half what I’d put in originally so it will take some time before I’m ready to look again for a share.

This time it has to be sustainable.  I won’t be jumping in until I have not only enough for the share but at least a small personal slush fund for the unexpected.  Or enough to buy into a share with an already healthy kitty.

Which means at least a year or two, being realistic, but there’s no way in the world I’m staying on the group that long, so it’ plan B and potching and flying different things and making sure I have chosen the right sort of flying when I do look seriously for a share.

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