Of Flying and Welsh

Flying as a hobby raises eyebrows, – which makes it great for Welsh class as I mention it in passing and the time I should be talking is taken up with explaining (in Welsh if at all possible…) before I have to think too hard 😉

Which, indirectly, is how I came to find myself being followed around the airfield by a crew from S4C for the learners programme Hwb a few months ago.  The episode aired this week and I have to conclude I must have got more incoherent as the afternoon went on because most of what made the cut is me perched on the picnic bench with the Hunter over my shoulder rather than the poking and prodding of KiloYankee and waggling of my oily fingers before flying.

I’d also forgotten I was recovering from a nasty infection and look distinctly hamster-ish around the cheek area!

Still, the airfield it at it’s best in the sunshine with more visitors than usual for a weekday afternoon and they left in some wanton product placement for Cambrian Flying CLub and Aeroist so it’s all good I suppose!

Maybe there’ll be an outbreak of GA takeup amongst Welsh learners…

Or maybe not…

The original clip in all Welsh of course but I’ve done some amateurish subtitling for the curious.  A very odd experience translating yourself – the transcript doesn’t sound to me at all like the way I would have said those things if I’d been speaking English in the first place.



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