The sky’s a funny colour…

The sky's gone a strange blue colour but gloves still needed!

The sky’s gone a strange blue colour but gloves still needed!

After three weeks of alternating snow and rain we only needed a small amount of paddling to reach the field..

Like an utter star Rhubarb started straight away (after a judicious inspection of the carb bowls for water) and positively leapt into the air.

For all the sunshine on the ground the temperature dropped off quickly with altitude and at two thousand feet it was cold enough to see your breath so it was back down to play at the beach – with Nick out to thoroughly disprove a passing comment by another flyer that the ‘F’ version of the X’Air doesn’t turn as promptly as the ‘normal’ one.

The only thing to be done was a due and proper amount of hooning around to thoroughly dispel such slander…

Everyone was out flying today and after some precautionary chitchat we were joined by a QuikR (QuickeR-than-us…) flexy.


A few snaps then he accelerated away back to the field, leaving us to dive after him, vainly resisting the urge to shout dakadaka at his tail before we were outrun.

The sunshine had brought lots of people out and above and we spent almost as much time gossiping as flying!

Nice to get out in the sun – and there was still just a little bit of light when we left this time so perhaps spring won’t be too long behind with longer days to stretch our wings…

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