Winter flying

For the first time in far too long I’ve been slow updating here not for lack for flying but for an excess!

Early darkness and murky vis have kept most of the flits local and I’ve still to pin down an instructor for the differences sign off but most weekends have involved at least a brief escape from the ground.

A combination of weather, availability and and schools’ apparent business model of prioritising regular ab initio students’ timetabling over ad hoc training reached it’s most frustrating  point on Saturday morning with another cancellation on the best flying day for weeks.

I was soothed though by a winter-rare land-away to visit the newly reopened cafe at Swansea (Go!) where everyone was in very good spirits and feeling positive.

Prettiest castle on Gower between the struts!

Prettiest castle on Gower between the struts!

Shadow of an X'Air

Shadow of an X’Air

I landed on the ample runway, firmly but not badly and am starting to incline to the point of view put forward by a number of people that I should forget the training stage – practise landing with anyone who knows the aircraft and’ll sit with me, instructor or no, and then just get an examiner in once I feel confident.

Wavering between caution and frustration I still don’t know if that’s the best plan or not.

It was refreshing to land away though, albeit only the next airport over – We ere recognised and snapped on the way home too!

I'm assured this was taken with 10x optical zoom and we weren't really ALL that low ;)

I’m assured this was taken with 10x optical zoom and we weren’t really ALL that low 😉

On the way back we met up with a flexwing from the strip and had a bit of companionable flying around the beach!

Meanwhile, back on the ground we’ve started on hangar building – under the direction of Clive the most organised of the group!

We arrived full of good intentions to put post holes in, new spade and all, to discover that the even more organiser builder of the next hangar over was renting a hole making device that would vastly speed the process up.

We agreed to share it and bailed on the digging at once!  I went for a walk up Graig Fawr instead, and spent the next flight looking for the little ruined church I’d ‘discovered’ on the way – only to be thoroughly dismayed that it wasn’t nearly as far up the hill as I’d imagined slogging up there!

Clive & Leia

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