Flying in 2013

In as much as one can get 12 months into 4 minutes!

My hours in the logbook this year don’t entirely represent the flying done – I spent a lot of time at the beginning of the year chasing paperwork and instructors around the place to sort out flying the micro on a JAA PPL.

17 hours, 10 minutes, 24 flights, across 19 days is the paper tally of hours and minutes but the actually handling time must be double that even ignoring the larking about as Nick’s passenger.

It doesn’t reflect all the occasions the day’s work was followed immediately by rushing off to the airfield of the one glorious summer week when I flew every single day or the experience gained by the first outlanding due to weather or all the times we flew ‘just once more’ as the sun set.

And most of that 17:10 in the book was flown after July when I finally got signed off.  If I fly as much next year it’ll be upwards of 30 hours again for the first time since 2009.

Graph of flying time to 2013

It was interesting to bung the figures on the graph since it was about this time in 2004 that I started learning.

Halfway through 2006 was when I qualified so that high point there is a mix of all the long training cross countries and the flying and flying and flying of TOMS having bought the share a few weeks before my GFT!  A couple of very wet summers meant I never quite topped that!

2009 was boosted by a tour of Devon and some Irish flights and lots of fly-ins and closed with the engine replacement.

2010 was wet and closed with someone stuffing the poor old girl into the side of a mountain, new engine and all.

2011 was a disaster, scraping along with a poorly thought through replacement which was an utter money pit and a vague attempt at giving the IMC rating a go.

2012 I started thinking seriously about how to stop the rapid decline! I did tailwheel in an attempt to broaden the range of types I could look at and at the end of the year was tipped out that this little X’Air was for sale but really the owner didn’t want to sell it and would probably be open to sharing.

So I did!

Interesting the trend is more pronounced if I look at number of flights as well as hours.

Flights to 2013

Reflects the fact we do a lot of short hops in the X’Air – all those last minutes sunset flips!  (2005 is the other year that looks substantially different by flights rather than hours – the year of the many many short sessions trying to get solo!)

Either way, things are looking up!

To close here’s the slower version of the last year’s flying.


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