Last year’s flying and plans for this

Finally got around to totting up last year’s flying – yes I know it’s end of January! A total of 54:45 hours over 55 flights and 8 new airfields. All the highest they’ve ever been and topping the previous high (in the first year I had G-TOMS by nearly twenty hours).

I think it’s fairly safe to say that in Old Park Farm and the little X’Air, I’ve found my Right Place in the flying world…

Fuel stop planning, (and a precautionary pee!) form a larger part of my pre-flight preparation these days to account for the lack of speed, with only the occasional error (Leicester/Gloucester!) and I’ve benefited immensely from Gloucester’s location and cheap UL91 as a forward operating base of sorts.

Random other facts (I can play with data all day…)

Longest flight was 2:05 Llanbedr to Haverfordwest (beating the slog back from Gloucester by 15 minutes to my suprise – must have been the detour to play at Dambusters over Llys-y-Fran…

Shortest flight was 20 minutes from Old Park when the coolant temp decided to stop working on climbout.

I took 9 different passengers with me. (Could do better)

The new airfields were:
Llanbedr – newly reopened
Belle Vue – not entirely newnew but the first time I’ve managed to fly in under my own steam
Western Zoyland – lovely lovely micro strip. Must go back.
Oaksey Park – visited by foot before, lovely well kept grass!
Sandown (by Skyranger) for the Spamfield micro fly in weekend.
Lee on Solent, as an outing from same
Ince (by Skyranger) to watch two Lancasters at Southport.
Leicester – for Flyer fly in. Delightfully overambitious for the time of year!

Return visits were Swansea, Gloucester, Haverfordwest, Dunkeswell, Sywell, Goodwood and Kemble.

So this year what do I hope for other than more of the same?

I want to visit more of the small localish strips, Broadmeadow, Eastbach, Abergavenny.

I want to have a visit to Lundy now I’ve an aeroplane that’ll manage it. (The Old Park crew already on the case with that one)

I can’t pick much more than that. 2014 was a good year…

This year’s flying is underway with two flights for 2:15 this month, one to eyeball snow and roman remains (prompted by Christmas telly watching!) and a bimble to refresh my general handling with sloppy steep turns and slightly less sloppy PFLs. Of which more in the next post.


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