How to Learn to Fly…

Well, sort of anyway.

While training I found that discussing it on various forums and keeping the diary helped me think and put into words a bit better some of the things that helped and hindered, and thought it may be useful to write some of them down in a slightly more structured form. The “HowTo” of learning to fly is therefore now available as a PDF. It’s not a “How To Fly An Aeroplane”, because I’m not a flying instructor. It is a “How To Learn To Fly An Aeroplane.”

In fact from about halfway through it could be “How To Learn Almost Anything!” Part of my day job is teaching adults, so some of that has spilled over here, especially the parts about coping with the theory materials and written exams.

Feedback is welcome, hopefully it’ll be of some use or interest to other learners out there.

Learning to Fly: How To (PDF)


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